HOW TO USE SPSS PART 3- An easy way out.







Prior to the previous lessons, this section seeks to introduce you on how to export your work from the output document to word document. Please do well to go through the previous sections(PART 1 and 2) since its the basis on which we are        building this blocks.


  • When  an output document opens, your work will be displayed in a tabular form. Move your cursor to the Values that appears on the very top of your output page, double click and delete it.
  •  Normally the information we use is the frequency & percentage. Hence, you are advised   to delete the valid percent and the cumulative percent (double click the table; highlight all the values in that section to delete it. Go to file, and save your work
  • Below is a pictorial display of the steps.

OUTPUT (5) resized

  1.  Preview of analyzed data displayed in a tabular form in the output document. It can also be displayed in chat forms, eg bar chat, histograms etc.





OUTPUT (7) resized

    2. Double click the table to produce the doted lines as shown in the picture on the left hand side.





OUTPUT (9) resized

    3. Highlight all the values in the column “Valid Percent”, as indicated in the picture on the left side, click on delete [DEL]  to clear that whole column

  .Do the same for the values in “Cumulative Percent” column.




OUTPUT (10) resized


4. This how your table should look like after the above procedure is completed.




OUTPUT (12) resized


5. Kindly save your work before you continue.





OUTPUT (13) resized


  6.  A drop down box ( shown in the picture on the left side) will be displayed immediately you click on the save button.





OUTPUT (14) resized

     7. Normally its  advisable to save your work on the desktop for easy access when you need it.

    Also fill in the name space provided, this will help you trace your work the next time you want to use it with ease, after which you click on the “Ok” button to fully save your work.



The next step is to know how to export your work from the output document to word document.


OUTPUT (17) resized

  2. 8)  On the output document, go to file; Click on export





OUTPUT (20) resized


  1.      9)  An export output box will open; on the top left side, click ‘All’.





2)  Go to “File name”, click on “Browse” to change the location. (Recommended for easy access to work). It will be good to change it to your “Desktop”, give it a file name and click, Save.

3) Click OK/ENTER and you are done.

  • Go back to your desktop, click on the word File you save to open it and you are ready to interpretate your data.
  • The pictorial guide are to help you to know the expected outcome of your work, in case of any problem kindly refer to them.



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