[Verse 1]

Have your way

You can have your way in yeah

Can I be transparent for a minute

Some of those rumors that you heard I probably did it

I’m not a perfect man I admit

But its covered by the blood I’ve been forgiven

When I think of things I’ve done I shake my head

If it wasn’t for your mercy I’d be dead

God you sure know how to break a brother down

My humility I’m saying now Lord


Just have your way in me 2x

In me

Just have your way in me 2x

[Verse 2]

I’m tired of trying to be a superstar

You can have the money the cloths and the cars

I just want to be the man after your heart

I don’t know how I drifted so far

Lord I’m asking you to take the pride away

I’m a sinner and I’m asking for your grace

I got nowhere else to go that’s why I’m praying

All I’m trying to say is

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 3]

I’ve come humble as I know how to be

It’s been a long time since I’ve been down on my knees

And it’s only you that can set me free

I’ll be waiting here until you rescue me

I don’t care what people Lord I need help

They can’t put me in a heaven or a hell

Somebody ought to lift your hands and follow me

It’s time for us to be what God wants us to be

[Repeat chorus]

All to Jesus

I surrender all

To him I freely give 2x



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