By; Charles Kofi Fekpe

The world has moved in a new direction – a direction I pray everyday, that we and our leaders see, understand and embrace:

A nation’s competitive advantage no more lies in its natural resources or specialized production units, but in the brainpower and critical thinking ability of its citizens. The real advantage today is in thinking ourselves into the future, before anyone else gets there. It is a bold statement to make, but the Economic Philosophies of Adam Smith is dead, and so are our old stock of economic thinkers.

**Parents need to treat our children differently when they ask “WHY”. We need to help them discover real answers and not shut them up everytime.
**As businesses and employees, we need to always be thinking about better and more efficient ways of delivering. This is no more for the CEO. Executives need to become lovers of change and listeners of their own employees.
**Students need to question and viciously challenge their lecturers and lecturers need to continually force their brains to be ahead of the game
** Government needs to overhaul our educational system. Train teachers to be critical thinkers themselves and to teach students that historical answers don’t always hold and that they themselves can be the answers Ghana needs. In the new world, the teacher is NOT always right. Education should no more be about getting students to memorize “what has been” but to conceptualize “what must become”.
**Spiritual leaders must begin to inspire their congregations to know our brains are formed in the image of God, not for feebleness or resignation, but for creativity of the highest divine order

And if we don’t get this right, our focus is wrong, our energies will be channeled wrongly…. and so too, our future!! This is NOT a prophecy, it is TRUTH!! A truth upon which our future rests.

Development is NOT in building non-value-adding-roads it is in raising value-creating-brains, consciously, purposefully and with aggressive intent!

#Critically #Thinking #The #New #Ghana


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