By: Charles Kofi Fekpe

A friend of mine and I had a chat yesterday. He had been working at this place for 6 years and now he feels he needs to go. I asked him why and he said “I had never been really suited for this position because, I first went into it to step in temporarily for someone who had been ill for a month, then before I knew it, it’s been 6 years. For some reason I feel I may be found out” then he asked “Charley, do you think I should leave cos I start fear waa?”

Ma paddy, I don’t think I would have seen it that way oo. He recoiled “so how you go see am?” I think there are 3 things here and both are valid and justified:

(i) the favour of God is on you, so you’ve gotten something you never qualified for
(ii) maybe that had always been your calling but you never figured it out, hence the reason why you operated in the role very naturally without even noticing it or
(iii) I think you are an excellent sales man. His expression jumped “Salesman?” Yes I answered – truth is, you have been able to sell the same inferior product to the same company, its board and its shareholders for 2,000 days and got paid for it every single time.

He smiled “EEeeeiii!! I never saw it that way Oo” I smiled back and retorted “how you go see am? Abii den your eye make red as you dey chop the money for there funya funyae”

Moral of the Story:
The stories, the narrations, the events – they will always be the same. It’s your ANGLE of view you need to change. Always speak life into situations.


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