By: Charles Kofi Fekpe

The world is BIG enough, for all of us to make an impact, to make a dent, be celebrated and live proud footprints in history, as a launchpad for the successes of the generations after us Go on!! Make a dent on the world. Here are my 7 reasons I believe you should find a way of making a dent on the world (Enjoy):

(1) The world and History remembers those who have solved some of its problems or given it knowledge hitherto unknown, not passengers who just passed through.

(2) There are some levels of wealth, that will only come to you as a result of service you give and impact you made on humanity

(3) Making an impact in the whole world or some part of it is a major legacy to leave the generations yet unborn – it serves as a foundation of fame and world-acceptance from which they can launch their own destinies

(4) Impact/making a dent on the world is prove that you serve a creative, living God. Otherwise how else can you prove that you God is great if you cant prove that “his power in you” can indeed make impact

(5) Making an impact in your chosen Area is the real fulfillment of destiny. God does not create inefficiency. You’ll only every filled fulfilled if what you live for is impacting a larger community than just you and your household, because then, your live receives added value for every other life it makes happy. That’s just how it is

(6) Making an impact in your own gifting or calling, is mostly the only way you can ensure that your voice is heard. In fact I believe its the easiest way to ensure that your voice counts, on issues you want to see change on. Because then when you speak, your voice carries the approval of all those you have impacted.

(7) Making an impact one way or the other is really the only investment that never stops paying out handsome rewards beyond your own lifetime.


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