I have studied and practiced many forms of management strategies. In refinement, I find this to be the most effective – Building a team of creative thinking leaders, rather than being the only leader with “built-up” subordinates. Here’s how it has worked for me:

(i) Clearly define the problem to your team/workers and a provide justifications why it needs to be solved
(ii) Spell out very concisely and tightly, the results you want to have
(iii) List down very clearly, the resources they have available for the task – i.e. time, monetary, human support, etc
(iv) Leave them to get on with it and ignore their initial cries that they don’t believe they can get it done (babies always cry until they discover they can climb the table)

I have found out it helps people build their own creative problem solving skills that suites their own personalities, gives them ownership of solutions (and therefore, buy-ins), it is great motivation for them to know that they somewhat engineered a solution that became part of the bigger picture success.

We need to shift from the Management Attitudes that appear like “employees are only told what to do, and they do it, Period”. The truth is, the so-called manager, as soon as he puts himself in the position of “I am the only one who really knows how to get it done, so I’ll order everybody else to do it my way” – has set the entire team up to fail, including himself.


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